The Galaxy – A Granite Bouldering Area  //  Introduction, Free Guide Download, Photos, & Map

The Galaxy – A Granite Bouldering Area

The new rock climbing guide to Jackson & Pinedale, WY will be includes a little-known bouldering and top roping destination called The Galaxy. This up-and-coming area is every boulderer’s dream playground – there are literally hundreds of easily accessible, and densely concentrated boulders within a 1-15 minute approach.

The Galaxy’s obscurity to climbers has kept this hidden gem from being fully explored, in fact, only a handful of boulders have been climbed. Should you choose to visit, expect to find high quality granite ranging from 10-40 feet in height of all styles and difficulties. The first ascent potential is immense. Those willing to explore will be greatly rewarded!

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The Galaxy Bouldering Guide Includes Bouldering, Top Roping, & An Introduction To First Ascent Potential

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The Galaxy Mini-Guide
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Photo Gallery

A Brief Overview of The Galaxy

Video: Tour of the Galaxy

A brief overview of the Galaxy

This short video (by Jakub Galczynski) shows a brief overview of the Galaxy and introduces a few boulders, some of which have been already documented in the free guide.

Location Map

The Red Marker Labels The Galaxy
Refer to the Mini-Guide for written driving instructions.

Please Report First Ascents

Share Your First Ascents With The Climbing Community Report New Routes to For Inclusion in the Mini-Guide

How To Submit First Ascent Beta

Please email Wesley Gooch ( the names, ratings, and a brief description for each route you establish. Alternatively, use the contact form to initiate communication, and include your contact information so I can followup. For clarity, photos of the problem, boulder, and climbers on route are greatly appreciated (and possibly even used in the Mini-Guide). First Ascent credits will also be recorded.

Climb Safe, Climb Hard, & Have Fun!

  1. Wesley Gooch07-14-11

    The Galaxy has seen some action recently. Many new problems have been established and new boulders found! Stay tuned for guide updates and new photos.

    • Coldfinger05-06-12

      Actually, the areas marked “unexplored” have seen quite a bit of exploration and development over the last six years; the stone here is usually really dirty so chances are if something is clean enough to climb on it has been done.

      • Wesley Gooch05-06-12

        Thanks for the feedback! That doesn’t surprise me but I don’t have any beta for the “unexplored” areas… if you have any beta please send it to me ( so I can update the guide.

  2. Sean07-16-11

    Just climbed out there today thanks for this webpage. let me know next time your heading out there

  3. Wesley Gooch10-07-11

    The Galaxy Mini-Guide has been updated to a new version. New photos, details, corrections, etc. Check it out.

    • Coldfinger07-27-12

      Just a word of caution based on seven seasons of climbing here……

      The rock here is fairly solid but pretty much any face hold can snap, footholds are often grainy and the numerous flakes are usually somewhat hollow; so please climb carefully, knock on holds to see if they are hollow, as with Hueco do pull down not out and climb smoothly. This is a fantastic place for experienced climbers but imho quite dangerous for those just starting out–remember you blow it here and you hit the ground.

      As an example the “fun warm up” pictured (Jason on the Derringer problem on the Tombstone boulder) tops out with a no hands mantle onto a flexing flake detached on three sides high above a somewhat bad landing. Just saying you need to be careful here. Enjoy and be safe!

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