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Eastern Idaho Sweet Spots - 3rd Edition

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Book Details:
Authors: Jerry Painter & Matt TeNgaio
Edition: Printed in 2016
Pages: 280 Pages
Climbing Areas: 22 Climbing Destinations
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Beyond Just a Climbing Guide

This third edition of “Eastern Idaho Sweet Spots” offers the outdoor enthusiasts a lifetime of places to explore, hike, climb, ski, mountain bike and just have fun.

The guide includes 22 climbing areas (9 new) in Eastern Idaho. Among them is an updated and complete guide to Massacre Rocks State Park. As well as expanded and current information of The Fins.

Your Year-round Adventure Guide to Eastern Idaho

This new edition nearly doubles the content of the previous book, including dozens more hiking and biking trails and hundreds of new climbing routes and areas. Find accurate maps, diagrams, and directions.

Beyond rock climbing, this guidebook includes mountain biking, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing, as well as hiking trails for both the beginner and peak bagger.

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